As a startup, how do we attract experienced talent?


Finding the right people who can get the job done to push the company forward is essential. As a startup, founders would usually prefer freshmen who are right out of college.

But when you are selling to businesses across the world, people who have experience are the ones who are cutting it (in most of the cases). This is majorly because of the learnings and the experience they have gained from their previous companies.

I was discussing with a couple of my founder friends, and they seem to be having the same problem that I have.

How do we hire an experienced employee for your startup company?


With the help of tech now, we have many ways of attracting talent. Some of them will be:

  1. Job websites such as Naukri, monster and Indeed provides resumes of eligible people who are actively looking for jobs.
  2. Outsourcing the hiring process, this works typically for medium sized companies but there are some companies which cater to start ups as well
  3. Asking through colleagues and asking an employee to refer
  4. posting an ad for the job will also have a lot of responses.
    These are the popular methods, However, with every day there is a new source of hiring which works for different companies in different ways. i hope this helped you in your query :slight_smile: