Balanced and stress free work


As a manager, how do I ensure that my team is not feeling over worked or remove the stress? Many a times I haven’t realised that my team might have too much on their plate than that could be undertaken, until they voiced it out.

If someone could help me figure out ways that could reduce their stress and give a balanced work, that would help in a huge way.


I have faced similar problems. Some of the things that I find help my team are

  1. Scheduling weekly or even more frequent meetings with your team.
  2. Have them prioritize their tasks
  3. Have an open door policy with employees, so they are encouraged to approach you if they have any problems.

I hope this works for other teams as well :slight_smile:


Open door concept sounds interesting. I have read about it earlier and was not sure about how and when to implement it.

As for the meetings and task prioritisation, we have weekly stand-up meetings and conversations also a tool to manage all our tasks.