How can I as a manager reduce stress for my team?



As a manager, how do I ensure that I’m reducing stress for my team?

I have been trying out some ways for a while now; some seems to be working but would like to know more:

  1. Listen to them immediately when you realise that they are experiencing stress;
  2. Give them offs when they are experiencing early stages of stress;
  3. Make them realise that they are feeling stressed as soon as you detect it;
  4. Change their workspace or take them out for lunch/dinner and talk about things other than work;

Is there any other way in which I can handle this better?


Looks like you are doing awesome handling your team’s stress and working towards creating a better relationship with your team. What works for one team might not work for another, you will know how to handle it by trial and error.
There are a number of ways suggested on this article that you can try: