How to get teams and employees excited about a new pilot or activity in the office?



How do I make feedbacks mainstream in my office? We introduce many pilots in our office to make our office as comfortable and fun as it can get for our employees and teams. But most often than not, though the idea is awesome and seems fit for our company in theory. It does not get adopted by majority of our employees.

How can ensure that my team participates in the pilot? What am I doing wrong and How can I correct it or improve it for better?


Hey Nivedita!

Valid point. We’ve introduced a lot of processes and tools to target this. But nothing really sustained.

I think what can make a difference is if you act upon those feedback. A feedback is a means to start a conversation, not the end. It is pointless if no action is taken upon it. Action does not have to be positive, you can say I’m not working on this feedback - but it is important to scope out the reasons why you are not working towards it.

Also ensure that how you’re asking feedback is consistent. Don’t have these sessions too far spaced out. Pulse surveys are the most effective because they are constantly in touch with your employees. Don’t do annual or biannual - it’s a time suck for you to review everything at once and it puts the employee in a zone where they just want to get over with the survey.

Another technical reason why feedback systems might not work, is that it either,

  1. Asks at the wrong time
  2. Asks too many questions during a session (this is to improve so called ‘engagement’ rate, but engagement should be counted as questions answered over a course of time, not at a particular instance)

Hope this answers your question! Feel free to ask follow up questions.