How to recognise talented employees?


I have a team of six, while every one of them are very talented in their own way, they are also extremely different from eachother. How do I encourage and engage them in non-monetary ways? I don’t want it to become a “bonus” kind of thing. I want to give them a boost and ensure we are all on the same page when it comes to our team.

Please suggest some ways to do this.


Incentivising monetarily is definitely not a solution in the longer run. Best way could be making a note of their work among team members, try to understand what they are passionate about and incentivise their passion for eg: if any team member is really in to photography, get them a photography class session…not only this motivates the specific team member but other members also gets motivated


A lot of times, 80% of the employees are happier when they win a solid recognition and reputation among their peers.
By appreciating them in a way that tells everyone, the wonderful job she/he did, will encourage them. This boosts their morale and encourages them to move forward.

This step you take has an impact on the other teammates. Now, they have a healthy competition between their colleagues which pushes each other to do exceptional things. Do great accomplishments as a team.

Witnessed a number of healthy competitions producing a strong leadership qualities in a person.