Introducing Converse: Forum for leaders & managers


A place for leaders and founders to come together to discuss the latest trends, share insights and solve problems collectively.

Being a leader is not simple. It is not rocket science. There is no set path for it. If you are a leader, you would have probably realised this more than anyone else around you.

Everyday, leaders spend incredible amount of time working on developing their skills through various means; books, videos, articles and much more. But I’m afraid that the knowledge they gain is only with them, and this knowledge can multiply only when leaders collaborate with other leaders (trust me, every leader is willing to learn from another leader). But there is not a dedicated and focused space online that enables leaders to do just that.

This is why Converse was created, a simple community for leaders to learn from each other.

Who is Converse for?

  • Leaders (CXOs): Individuals at the top of their organisation chart who are solving problems day-in-day-out. Converse enables them to see if other leaders have faced similar issues and how they solved it.
  • Managers: Individuals, managing a team of people at companies, face a whole different set of struggles everyday. Converse aims to help them out with resources that they will not find anywhere else.
  • Founders: Founders assume multiple roles and typically run one man shows. From learning from other founders about issues like scaling, hiring, culture to dealing with tough situations, Converse has it all.

OK, I’m in. Where do I start with Converse?

You can easily sign up to Converse with just your mail and a password. Since Converse aims to provide consistent quality and be incredibly useful to everyone in the community, applicants will be approved by the community moderator. This process helps Converse to eliminate unsolicited ads.

Start Conversing

Converse is a community of incredibly talented people talking and sharing their experiences and insights directly with other leaders in the community. Over the next few years, Converse aims to bring in valuable people into the community and enable them to open-up, share and learn with others.

Ultimately, Converse aspires to be an one-stop solution for leaders to find the resources they need and share their insights, experiences with everyone else.

Should I pay to join Converse?

Converse was built on the principle that the best ideas come alive when a community works together and knowledge should be available to everyone. There are no charges to be a part of Converse other than just your opinions.

Let’s build this community together. Share your insights and thoughts about leadership, company culture, hiring, managing remote teams, employee benefits and so much more on Converse. Join the community of leaders and founders. We will see you there.

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