Is it important to have a employee handbook for a 25 member startup?


Say a company is currently 25 people strong, and are trying to build company culture internally. Would it make sense to have a extensive employee handbook written by the company’s founders passed along with the people currently in the company as well as the ones who are joining in new?

Or, whatever knowledge you are transferring to the employees via the employee handbook could be delivered directly through an induction program? What is that you suggest?

Self-read vs Induction program for new employees?


Hi Karthik,
That’s an interesting question. Before I answer your question, employee handbook is sharing your vision on the company’s culture. And this handbook is not written with just the current size of the company in mind but a handbook that scales with the company.

Coming back to your question, an induction program is one time program where you talk about culture, values and vision for a short period. Employees can fail to understand the depth. Whereas sharing a handbook and constantly updating it whilst it is shared with everyone inside the company, will communicate without communicating to your employees that you think and value about them day-in day out.

Say, you are expanding your team in a year and when they read the handbook during their on-boarding their trust increases, especially if you already updated the handbook to fit the new recruits ideologies as well.

I hope, I answered your question.

Collection of best employee handbooks you can read (aka awesome-handbooks)

This clears some thought about the whole induction program vs employee handbook question I had. Maybe, we could combine both employee handbook and induction program and see how people react to that.


Sounds good. Looking forward to hear updates from you on how it worked out. :slight_smile: