It was Google's birthday yesterday. What do you think of their employee engagement?



Google has been one of my favourite companies for as long as I remember. From their vision to how they evolve as a organisation, they are just awesome.
I like how they are tuned to their employees and ensure that the employees are happy and have fun at work. They made work fun and really take care of their employees.
What do you like or not like about Google and how they treat their employees?


Hey Nivedita,

What I like the most about Google is what they offer to their employees - A simple phrase but hard to get. ‘Freedom’. The Freedom of ideas. It’s pretty much impressive that they have been following this mantra from the initial stages of their organization. With freedom, One can achieve loads of things which will immediately benefit the company. It’s Billions of water drops that make an Ocean. Same apply to every company. Everyone will contribute to the company’s success and Google knew this and doing this through the various phases of their company.

As far as I have heard that Google is a fun place to work on. Too much of something will eventually be a little freaky right? Thus Google still maintains that environment and will maintain it forever. Another perk that Google offers is flexibility. So It will make the employee too to work towards the company’s success.

The employee’s growth is directly proportional to the company’s growth. :slight_smile: