Recommended HR conferences people should attend in 2018


Are there any HR conferences every human resource manager should attend in the year 2018?

Do you have any recommendations?


Yes, there are many that happen around the year. some of my favorites that I personally recommend if you want to network and get the latest news about trends and techs will be:

  1. HR summit Brisbane
    It happens on October 24 and 25th. The usual crowd there comprises of directors, managers, and consultants.

  2. Linkedin Talent Connect
    Happens on oct’ 9 till 11th and has awesome keynotes and interviews with industry’s top leaders and influencers. It is really helpful for someone starting out in HR and looking for inspirations and network with the best out there.

  3. HR metrics and analytics summit
    One of the best conferences to learn to integrate analytics and DS into HR. They have really good keynote speakers who come to talk about the applications and other things.

Others include:
CIPD Annual conference, SHRM tech, Global HR summit which is all really good for networking and hiring as well as to learn the happening things in the industry.


That’s great. Mind sharing the links of these conferences?

  1. HR summit Brisbane
  2. Linkedin Talent Connect
  3. HR metrics and analytics summit
  4. CIPD Annual conference
  5. SHRM tech
  6. Global HR summit

here are the links :slight_smile: