Remote management tools


I noticed that a lot of employee engagement questions, discussions going on the forum. As a contribution from my side I want to talk about the tools that helps in managing remote team(s).

Managing remote team(s) is difficult in the early stages as you will have fish the right tool for your organisation. From my experience I have identified values in tools like,

Basecamp - A task management tool that helps you out to collaborate across the team really well.
Pipedrive - for sales CRM. Sales team collaboration is smooth. It is a paid tool, but worth the price.
The usual messaging platforms Slack and Discord
Figma - for designs to be accessed, reviewed and approved. It has different access which allows you to share the designs without worrying about being modified. The pro is accessibility over web, without the need to download the application.
Google apps - No matter what, apps like Google docs, Google sheets and Google forms are one of the best available. Remote collaboration is just smooth.

These are my tools. Please share the tools that you have loved in the recent times. :slight_smile: