Welcome to the Converse by UnderstandBetter


Converse is the place for leaders to talk about company culture and employee engagement.

I have worked with so many companies who struggle with keeping their employee engaged. I have also spent hours searching for a place where I could have frank conversations about company culture, how to nurture them and how to be a better leader.

Converse is an initiative by UnderstandBetter, to help people discuss about the struggles they face everyday in terms of scaling their company culture and keeping their employees engaged.

Who is it for?

  • Founders
  • Managers
  • Executives
  • Team Leads
  • Human Resource
  • You, and me

What do we talk about here?

We try to focus on a few core things at Converse:

  1. Company culture
  2. Hiring difficulties
  3. Employee engagement
  4. Founder truths
  5. Employee benefits

Who is running this Converse?

Converse is powered by UnderstandBetter; a company that focuses on keeping the workspace engaged in a company using actionable insights;