What are your top 10 interview questions?


Other than the technical questions specific to the job, What are the personality questions I can ask an individual regarding their life, that doesn’t stray too much into their personal life?


Questions can be spun off as you go. But I have few suggestions when you do an interview.

  • You can avoid yes/no questions and ask detailed questions that will give you more context.
    For Example, instead of asking ‘have you worked on a certain tech?’ try asking, ’ You have mentioned that you are good at Python. Can you talk about the project you worked on using Python?’.

  • Segment your interviews and have different people interview.

  • Try having interviews outside the office to understand them in relaxed space.

  • Co-Work with them for a few days before hiring. Observe their behaviour when they work


I always go back to this particular Gist. It is one of the most valuable collection of interview questions I’ve ever seen.