What does a successful on-boarding process look like?


There are a lot of employees who leave the companies within the first 30 days of starting their job. I realise that a successful on boarding process is the key to ensuring that they have a smooth transition into the job.
I want to design a on-boarding process for my company that I can follow and is convincing enough for the employee. My questions regarding this are:
What are the elements of a successful on-boarding procedure?
Which companies do you think have an ideal on-boarding process?
How do I test the effectiveness of the new on-boarding process?


Yup! A lot of companies experience churn during the employees first few months. It could be anywhere from a month to three. This is generally the reason why most company’s probation periods reflect the same.

If employees leave in the first few months it is most likely because they felt a gap in communication either with their manager or with their peers. A good on-boarding procedure should ensure this gap does not happen. A few key things you can do is,

  1. Introduce the entire team to the new employee
  2. Take them out for lunch or a have a small breakout session at office (food solves everything)
  3. Assign a peer for them (not so obviously, just nudge a few select employees to make the new joinee feel welcome)
  4. Convey the vision and history of your company (ideally this should be done by the founder)
  5. Add them to all your communication tools immediately (Slack, email, internal tools, etc)

I’ll be biased on this. I love the way us at UnderstandBetter do this process!

Have a 1-1 a few days after the joining date. Typically 3-4 days after the person joins. Make it casual, ask what they liked and ask is there is something else that can be done for them. At the end of the day, it’s all about making the new person feel comfortable and welcome. :slight_smile: