What should a good first day look like for a new hire? (Lets create one)


Our previous discussion with @Nivedita got me thinking about designing a really good first day for a new hire for a company.

It is given that a success of an employee in a new company purely depends on how their first day goes in the company. That would set the path for the rest of their time at a particular company.

I wanted to get your help on a few things to design a Day #1 for every employee:

  1. How was your first day at your company? What did you like and dislike about that day? (Can you talk a bit about the way you were introduced to the team, how your peers welcomed you etc.,)
  2. What are some of the things that you think companies should do during the first day of a new hire?
  3. Anything else that you think should be done during the first day of a new hire?

Iā€™m collecting this to design an open source Day #1 playbook for new hires. Here are some of the factors I think we should take into consideration:

  1. What happens after a new hire accepts the offer letter?
  2. When should they show up?
  3. Where should they show up?
  4. Where can they find their NDA and other official documents?
  5. Who should they contact for administrative stuff? (like email setup, chat setup or other internal tools setup)
  6. Who is the contact person to walk them through the product lines, services and other things about the company?
  7. Where to find the employee handbook?

This thread is still in progress. Will keep adding some more pointers as we work together on this.


Hi Karthik,

Yes, writing an employee handbook would help the employee on their first day. Figuring out the needs of the employee and trying to make their first day comfortable.

To add on to your employee handbook, you can include things like,

  1. Who will they be working with?
  2. What will their work revolve around?
  3. Set their desk up with stationeries and personal welcome note.
  4. Send out an invite to have an induction program during their first day.

May be this could help your employee handbook.


Hi Karthik, this is harsh from TScaleHub
I believe the best thing for a new hire could be people around him engaging with him and not treating him as an alien. If that happens rest all can be sorted. Only people around can make a new hire comfortable. I would personally ask my team members to welcome every new hire, go out on lunch and may be a cake treat :slight_smile:


@Pankaj_gs I love the idea of a personal welcome note. I still remember the day when my friend who used to work with me wrote a personal note and put it on my table on my first day. It made me feel special, and has definitely helped me move closer to the team sooner than I thought.


Yes, even we have followed it with our team and we noticed that everyone relaxed and eased into the environment sooner on receiving a personal note. It helps them connect and feel welcomed at the office. :slight_smile: