What's the best way to maintain good productivity and happiness?


Hope this is a very common problem among various teams and companies which involves a lot of research and development. Sometimes when we try something new which does have a lot of resources out there, people get frustrated and lose their calmness, at such moments the team’s happiness goes down and which impacts in the productivity as well.

Is there a way to maintain them at a good level?


This happens to be a common problem in companies, while, every company have their own strategy at tackling these issues. Here are some strategies that can be used

  1. Encourage open communication with your employees.
  2. Implement the pomodoro technique.
  3. Have them take a break.
  4. Ask your employees how you can help them with this.
  5. maintain your perpective.
  6. Go out for a snack and slow down a while.
    Hope this helps you and your team with dealing with such situations succesfully